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Production line in up-drawing copper alloy pipe





Introduction to up-drawing copper pipe project


The main traditional production method of copper alloy pipe is extrusion ——cold rolling ——drawing methods. Up-drawing copper alloy pipe is made by up drawing continuous casting of pure copper pipe and up drawing continuous casting of pure copper tube comes from up drawing copper rod. After years of development, the technology of up-drawing copper alloy has been mature and applied in production, which has achieved good benefits.

Difference between up-drawing copper alloy pipe and extruded pipe
1.The good concentricity of up-drawing copper pipe can fundamentally overcome the inherent defect of uneven wall thickness of extruded pipe.
2.The production cost of up-drawing copper tube is higher than that of traditional extruded copper tube, and the product yield is also greatly improved. Therefore, great progress has been made in today's fierce market competition.

Main application of up-drawing copper alloy pipe:
1.Automobile water tank warm air and automobile pipe fittings
2.Sanitary ware, mainly used for shower column, elbow, faucet and towel rack, etc
3.Musical instrument pipe
4.Welding gun and cutting equipment
5.Copper aluminum composite radiator

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