Product List
Aluminum alloy furnace, Zinc alloy furnace
Power frequency coreless induction aluminum melting furnace
GYT cored power frequency induction furnace
Electric furnace dust removal equipment
Electric furnace accessories
Drying furnace
Oxygen-free copper rod production line in up-drawing method
Production line in up-drawing copper alloy pipe
Horizontal continuous casting copper bar production line
Horizontal continuous casting copper pipe production line
Bogie type annealing furnace and bright annealing furnace
Copper tube & copper rod tractor and cutting machine
Zinc alloy production line
Up-drawing red copper bar
Semi-continuous casting furnace
Power frequency coreless aluminum alloy furnace

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  Wuxi Doushan Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is an industrial furnace manufacturer with casting and heat treatment equipment design & manufacturing concept. With years of product design and manufacturing experience, our company is specialized in design, development and manufacture of various industrial electric furnaces, industrial copper melting furnaces and various casting machinery & equipment. The company is located in Bashidoushan, the hometown of Wuxi electric furnace. It is only 10 kilometers away from the urban area and 15 kilometers away from Wuxi Airport, with Xigang Highway running through the town. It has beautiful geographical environment and convenient transportation by land and water.

  Our products are mainly used in non-ferrous metal processing industry. We have successfully cooperated with many domestic well-known enterprises and scientific research institutes. Our products are exported to South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Syria, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Iran, Indonesia and other countries.

  The main products cover: power frequency (intermediate frequency) cored copper melting furnace, combined electric furnace, holding furnace, three strand copper tube billet horizontal continuous casting unit, copper strip billet horizontal continuous casting unit, bell jar type protective atmosphere bright annealing furnace and servo controlled up-drawing continuous casting unit, etc. GYT series cored power frequency copper melting single-unit furnace, with specifications from 0.15 tons to 3 tons, suitable for various types of vertical semi-continuous casting, holding furnace horizontal full continuous casting, with the diameters from 12 to 80. GYT series energy-saving, fast changing bottom type cored power frequency up-drawing copper melting furnaces have specifications from the annual output of 1500 tons to 5000 tons. Medium frequency coreless induction furnace, various specifications of bogie hearth electric resistance furnace, well-type furnace; perennially supply GYT series copper melting furnace accessories with various specifications. According to the technical parameters provided by users, we can provide one-stop services of non-standard product design, production, installation, commissioning and personnel training.

  Taking "innovation, creating excellence & first-class" as the tenet, with high technology as the guide and focusing on energy saving, our company depends on technical strength, production experience & the spirit of innovation in pursuit of excellence and continuously develops & improves the products. Our company will continue to sincerely cooperate with all social circles and friends at home and abroad to seek common development and create a better tomorrow.
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