Zinc alloy furnace

Aluminum base intermediate alloy furnace Vedio
Zinc alloy furnace Vedio Aluminum alloy furnace Vedio Copper melting furnace Vedio
Aluminum alloy furnace Vedio
  Wuxi Doushan Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is an industrial furnace manufacturer with casting and heat treatment equipment design & manufacturing concept. With years of product design and manufacturing experience, our company is specialized in design, development and manufacture of Zinc alloy furnace, Aluminum alloy furnace, Aluminum base intermediate alloy furnace, Copper melting furnace.

  Our products are mainly used in non-ferrous metal processing industry. We have successfully cooperated with many domestic well-known enterprises and scientific research institutes. Our products are exported to South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Syria, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Iran, Indonesia and other countries.

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Zinc alloy production line
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Power frequency coreless aluminum alloy furnace
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