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Aluminum alloy furnace, Zinc alloy furnace
Power frequency coreless induction aluminum melting furnace
GYT cored power frequency induction furnace
Electric furnace dust removal equipment
Electric furnace accessories
Drying furnace
Oxygen-free copper rod production line in up-drawing method
Production line in up-drawing copper alloy pipe
Horizontal continuous casting copper bar production line
Horizontal continuous casting copper pipe production line
Bogie type annealing furnace and bright annealing furnace
Copper tube & copper rod tractor and cutting machine
Zinc alloy production line
Up-drawing red copper bar
Semi-continuous casting furnace
Power frequency coreless aluminum alloy furnace

Zinc alloy production line




Zinc alloy power frequency electric furnace production line is a project developed in recent years, because its production cost has been greatly reduced compared with the production in the traditional mode, so it develops very fast. Zinc alloy power frequency electric furnace originates from copper alloy power frequency electric furnace. Previously, it has been trapped in the burden industry, unable to solve the characteristics of strong zinc penetration, low melting temperature of zinc and poor sintering of burden, which makes power frequency zinc alloy furnace develop slowly. However, with the development of burden industry and the improvement of electric furnace technology, its service cycle has made great progress and radiated full vitality.

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